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Alum or Phitkari, is a transparent salt-like substance having astringent, which is used for both cooking and medicinal purposes. There are different types of Alum such as Potassium Alum, Ammonium, Selenate etc. Alum used in Ayurveda is known as "Sphatika Bhasma” (Pure Ash). Sphatika Bhasma and honey are used to control whooping cough. Alum mixed with wax was used by women to remove unwanted hair. It is also beneficial for the tightening and w h i t e n i n g of the skin. Sodium alum is commonly called as soda alum and is used in the production of baking powder and acidulant in food. Potassium alum is used as an effective aftershave treatment. Ammonium alum is used for water purification.

Herbs Botanica Alum Powder Alumbre Potassium Alum Fitkari Fatkari for Skin 5.3oz

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