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Aritha powder is renowned for its beauty boosting properties. Use it and experience the difference. This powder is high quality, authentic and lives up to its promise. It is recommended to the use the powder regularly for better and long-lasting results. The powder does not have adverse side effects and is completely safe to use. The powder may be used with other herbal powders for better and wider range of benefits. You are guaranteed to see results if you regularly use this potent powder.

Aritha Powder is made from dried Aritha fruits. Also known as soap nut powder , reetha powder for hair, soapnut powder, reetha soapnut , indian soap nuts , sapindus powder
It is a completely natural hair cleanser particularly for oily hair. The powder finds use for cleansing the skin. Working as a natural shampoo it significantly decreases the shedding of hair. The powder is an effective hair cleanser as well as conditioner.
Combine Aritha powder with Amla powder and Shikakai powder. Add water to make a paste. Massage on to the scalp and hair for superior hair nourishment and conditioning.
Make a paste using Aritha powder and water. Apply to the skin and later wash off using water. This works a potent skin cleanser and astringent.

Herbs Botanica Aritha Powder Natural Soap Nut Powder 5.3 oz

SKU: HB-Aritha-pwd

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