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Elevate Your Wellness with Herbs Botanica Organic Amla Powder

Discover the age-old secret of organic amla powder, hailing from the heart of nature and offering a wealth of holistic benefits. Our premium Indian gooseberry powder is a treasure trove of vitamin C and a n t i o x i d a n t s, designed to nurture your hair, skin, and overall well-being.


  • Pure Organic Source: Sourced from the finest organic amla, our powder captures the essence of this revered fruit. With no additives or fillers, our amla powder presents a natural, unadulterated path to health.
  • Amla for Hair Radiance: Unlock the potential of amla for your hair. This powerhouse is a natural source of vitamin C, fostering hair health, promoting growth, and enhancing shine. Embrace a natural solution that works from within, rejuvenating your locks.
  • Skin's Radiant Ally: Nourish your skin with amla's a n t i o x i d a n t magic. Our powder supports skin health from the inside out, aiding collagen production and offering protection against environmental stressors. Reveal your skin's inner glow with this potent source of natural vitality.
  • Boosted Immunity & Wellness:Amla's vitamin C content makes it an immunity champion. By integrating our amla powder into your routine, you provide your body with the tools it needs to fight off challenges and thrive.
  • A n t i o x i d a n t Superfood: Amla's a n t i o x i d a n t properties are a shield for your body, combating free radicals that can lead to cellular damage. Experience the transformation as your body embraces a healthier, more resilient state.
  • An Ancient Tradition, Revived:Amla's significance traces back centuries, celebrated for its role in traditional wellness practices. Today, we offer you the pure essence of this ancient wisdom, packaged for modern convenience.

Herbs Botanica Organic Amla Powder Pure Indian Gooseberry for Hair Growth 5.3oz

SKU: HB-Amla-pwd

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